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Marko Lopusina Knjige.pdf LINK


Marko Lopusina Knjige.pdf

Djelovanje Marka Lopusina u Narodnoj knjigama (1999) Knjiga iz Srbije, Matica srpska, Narodna knjiga, Vršac, 2001. Dragovan Borovik 'Donja jezera', Delo, Prvi teatar, Pristina, 1998. . Category:Serbian diplomats Category:Serbian anti-communists Category:University of Belgrade alumni Category:Permanent Representatives of Serbia to the United Nations Category:People from Belgrade Category:1922 births Category:2005 deathsState wants to reinstate heart transplants Calls for reviving organ donation program A group of lawmakers and health officials Tuesday urged the state to reinstate an organ donation program to help more people live longer lives. A bill to reinstate the program passed the Assembly last year and was stalled in the Senate. The Assembly has until March 2 to adopt the bill or it becomes law by default. The legislation, A-1239, would require organ donation if the person who donated the organ or tissue was pronounced dead in a hospital and the family did not sign a refusal form. The legislation would also allow a hospital to administer medications to organ donors or apply for a court order to give them medications. "While I'm certainly not going to say that I was on a mission to get the bill passed by March 1, I didn't want it to go away. It should not go away. We need it," said Assemblyman Thomas A. Keegan, R-Buffalo, sponsor of the legislation. The law that banned donation in 2009 did not provide a way to donate organs or tissue once a patient has died, and some lawmakers and health officials have said it makes more sense to allow donation when a person dies than to keep the organs or tissue in cold storage indefinitely. The hospital system in Buffalo has agreed to donate organs and tissue if there is no family member to consent. The bill would require other hospitals to follow suit if the hospitals want to continue providing transplant services. The bill would also prohibit a hospital from requiring a family member to sign a refusal form. Keegan said the goal of the legislation is to provide an incentive for people to sign refusal forms if they are faced with an organ shortage. "I can't imagine a situation where a person who gave a kidney

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Marko Lopusina Knjige.pdf LINK

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